Taylor Swift’s Fans Are Bullying Ginny & Georgia Star Over ‘Deeply Sexist’ Line – & Todrick Hall Weighs In!


Poor Antonia Gentry!

You  may not know that name yet, but the 23-year-old is an up-and-coming actress who just caught her first big break on the new hit Netflix show Ginny & Georgia. Or at least she thought she did when she was cast in a leading role and started filming the series…

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That’s all gone to hell now, unfortunately, because an entire army of Taylor Swift‘s fans have turned against Gentry after her character in the show read one (very bad!) scripted line! Her character, people! As part of a script!

Of course, we’ve already been reporting on the controversy as it has so far played out, like with the original Taylor tweet that started this whole thing back on Monday morning (below):

But Taylor’s tweet draws an important distinction, of course: she is criticizing Netflix for green lighting the line in the script, and not the actress, who was just the one who happened to say it on screen!

In other words, it’s well within Swift’s right to call out the streaming giant! It’s a f**ked up line and it promotes and upholds a f**ked up double standard about sex and dating for women! We have no problem with what Taylor wrote!

But then, there’s this…

So here’s where all the new developments turn sour: Taylor’s (originally well-meaning?) fans rushed in to her defense on this one, and in the process of doing so, they have started brutally bullying Gentry online.

In the last 24 hours, Gentry’s Instagram page has been the landing spot for thousands of negative comments about her and the line, as well as loud and angry demands that she “apologize” to Taylor. According to BuzzFeed, in addition to those apology demands, many of the comments “were much uglier,” including some that “were openly racist.” UGH!!!

Per the same outlet, Ginny & Georgia co-star Brianne Howey is apparently also drawing some negative attention on the social media network from Swift’s fans — though not nearly as much as Gentry.

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This SUCKS for both of them! What should have been the experience of a lifetime with a hit Netflix show turns into this?! Talk about a buzzkill. It’s not even Gentry’s fault!

And this is the poor girl’s first major acting credit! Come on y’all! It’s not like she’s had the career time to build up clout to be able to tell writers what she will and won’t say in the script… stuff like that takes time, and she’s at the mercy of the Ginny & Georgia writing staff! And getting hung out to dry on social media right now! Ugh!!!

Todrick Weighs In, Too!

As if we didn’t have enough drama for one day!

Noted Swift pal Todrick Hall just published his own point of view on the Ginny & Georgia controversy on Tuesday afternoon, sharing this tweet (below):


The joke has been done to death, anyways… come up with something new, writers!

Anyways, look, believe us, we get it — be mad at Netflix all you want for that line about Taylor! The Mean singer’s tweet is 100% correct, and we’re mad about it, too!

But don’t take it out on the actress who was literally contractually required to say the line that someone else wrote in order to do her job!

Be better than that!

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