Miley Cyrus Calls Out Elon Musk for Revealing She’s Hannah Montana


Did Elon Musk just blow Miley Cyrus‘ cover?!

Oh wait, that was sarcasm. Still, the singer amusingly played along after the SpaceX founder faux outed her on Twitter. Musk tweeted out a photo of a person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask that read, gasp, “Hannah Montana is actually Miley Cyrus.”

Of course, that would be the worst-kept secret in TV history. Cyrus quipped back in a tweet, “What the f–k @elonmusk?!?! I told you that in confidence!” 

“You can build a rocket,” she clapped back, “but can’t keep a damn secret?!?!”

Musk explained back, “133T H4X0R got my phone. Nuthin I could do. Sorry babe.” The term is used to describe a gamer who uses hacks to gain an advantage. 

While they aren’t exactly a pair that immediately comes to mind, Cyrus and Musk have given fans some interesting social media banter as of late. Ahead of their joint appearance on SNL, she basically proposed they take a trip to the moon. 

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