Guardians of the Galaxy Turn Marvel’s Coolest Weapon on the Gods


The Guardians of the Galaxy are facing the Gods of New Olympus, but the team strike a huge blow with Marvel’s coolest weapon.

Warning: minor spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy #12!

The Guardians of the Galaxy are going up against the Gods of New Olympus, and while few people would bet on the ragtag crew of freebooters vs literal gods, it turns out Star-Lord and his team are bringing Marvel’s coolest weapon to the fight, helping to even the odds. While Peter Quill was seemingly slain in Guardians of the Galaxy #2 when he went up against the reborn Zeus, he in fact siphoned off a huge amount of the villain’s energy and was transported to an alternate dimension where he spent over a century living a new life and unlocking the powers of a god.

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That ended when the gods returned for their stolen power, and Peter ran back to his old friends for the help he’d need to stop the Gods of New Olympus from hurting innocent people in their efforts to take him down. Last issue, the Guardians of the Galaxy laid a trap, choosing to fight on a desolate world razed during Marvel’s epic Annihilation event because any innocents killed will only empower the gods, seen by their sick philosophy as lives given in tribute. With the previously fractured team brought back together, and Star-Lord having unlocked his true powers, the Guardians of the Galaxy are ready for the battle of their lives, which is where their awesome weapon comes in.

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The weapon in question belongs to Marvel Boy, aka Noh-Varr, and was first showcased in his self-titled 2000 series from Grant Morrison, J.G. Jones, and Sean Parsons. Known as the Pocket Battlefield, Noh-Varr’s device expands an eight foot field around the user in which all the laws of physics are rewritten. Designed by the Kree Empire of another dimension, the Pocket Battlefield is a “programmable reality” where natural forces are set to the user’s preference. In a Marvel Comics preview of Guardians of the Galaxy #12, Marvel Boy uses the Pocket Battlefield not just to escape the explosion of Star-Lord’s ship, but to fire the super-strong demigod Hercules like a bullet, right at his reborn father.

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What’s fascinating about the Pocket Battlefield is that its effects vary wildly depending on how it’s programmed, leveling the playing field with an advantage to anyone able to quickly adapt to the new rules of reality. Strength, speed, and agility change their meaning – even gravity can be canceled out – but only within the confines of the device’s shield. Happily, Hercules is able to find a workaround, using the Pocket Battlefield to imbue himself with incredible momentum and strike Zeus with mythic power, transforming into the constellation of Leo (a sign related to the mythological labors of Hercules) as he connects.

Marvel’s Greek gods were slaughtered by Nyx in Avengers: No Road Home, which also severely advanced Hercules in years, instilling in him a newfound sense of humility. Sadly, they returned in new forms shortly after, now possessed by a burning desire to rule the entire galaxy, and putting them on a collision course with Star-Lord and his team. While Peter Quill has so far spent his time running from their overpowering might, this time he’s laying it all on the line, choosing the battlefield, the team, and the weapons to take them down.

Marvel recently announced that the Guardians of the Galaxy would be taking on a much bigger role in the comics, boasting a huge new roster and more official responsibility for interstellar safety. It’s possible that taking down the Gods of New Olympus could be what finally wins them the respect of the galaxy, or at least the self-respect to grow into the title they’ve long claimed to possess. Marvel Boy’s Pocket Battlefield is exactly the kind of weapon the team will need to take on super-strong, super-fast enemies who can hurl lightning and fire, but ultimately the fight will come down to Star-Lord and his crew’s steel when the comic hits stores March 24.

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