Fans Bash Alum Attending Jessica Graf’s Daughter’s B-Day Party


Jessica had a birthday party for her daughter this week. In attendance were BB alum Bayleigh, Elena and Kat. Fans bashed them for attending.

Big Brother alum gathered together in Texas this week to attend season 19’s Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson’s daughter’s second birthday party. In attendance were Bayleigh Dayton, Kat Dunn and Elena Davies. Fans are bashing the odd bunch for disregarding the pandemic’s safety precautions. They are not the first BB alum to get bashed for this. Nicole Franzel was recently attacked for having a mask-less wedding amid the pandemic while pregnant.

Jessica and Cody first met on BB19, where they quickly hit it off. Following their time on the show, Jessica and Cody continued their romance before later tying the knot. They have since had two children together. During that season, Jessica became close with Elena, who she also kept a friendship with as well. In typical Big Brother fashion, Jessica and Cody are friends with alum from other seasons as well. They have even gone on double dates with BB20‘s Bayleigh and Swaggy C before.

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Jessica and Cody’s oldest daughter turned 2 this week and some Big Brother alum stopped by for the Alice in Wonderland themed party. Bayleigh, Kat and Elena all posted photos alongside the birthday girl’s mom. Fans were quick to bash the four ladies for more reasons than one. The group of ladies seemed to be an odd pairing to many fans. In fact, the friendships were quite shocking. One comment on Bayleigh’s post questioned why she would be friends with Elena who has been accused of being a racist. Bayleigh simply replied, “Not here, not today.” A comment on Kat’s post called Kat and Bayleigh “queens” before saying, “there’s Jessica & Elena too.” Both Jessica and Elena were quick to clap back, sarcastically thanking the user for the attention.

Many were not happy that they were gathering so closely together without masks. Kat captioned her post, “It’s all fun and games until someone has to get evicted,” too which one Reddit user added, “or catches Covid.” They described their actions as irresponsible. Taking the risk of getting sick or getting someone else sick by not wearing masks or social distancing for the sake of a 2-year-old’s birthday party was not seen as worth it. Another Reddit user pointed out the irony within the Big Brother fanbase, stating how when Nicole had a mask-less wedding everyone was quick to bash on her; however, when Jessica had a mask-less birthday party for her daughter, she is seen as being a good mom.

The party took place in Jessica and Cody’s hometown in Texas where a majority of Covid-19 mandates have seem to be lifted. The Big Brother fanbase is definitely torn on this group of friends. It is by far one they never expected to see. but as host Julie Chen Moonves always says, “Expect the unexpected.

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