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Although this couple wanted both a wedding and a house, they were forced to choose one in Marriage or Mortgage. Thankfully, the decision worked out.

A show about watching a couple choose between spending roughly $3oK on a wedding or on a down payment for their house might seem somewhat dark, but it is exactly the premise of Netflix’s newest reality seriesMarriage or Mortgage. Surprisingly enough, it’s kind of delightful. While it absolutely shines a light on the financial crisis happening in America right now, it does so with hope. That hope largely stems from the hosts and from the couples themselves.

In each episode, the hosts, realtor and former Miss USA second-runner-up Nichole Holmes, and wedding/event planner Sarah Miller, compete with one another by offering a big wedding or the house of the couple’s dreams. The hosts consistently go above and beyond for each and every couple. Sure, they want to win, but it feels like their push to do their best encompasses more than that. Nichole and Sarah seem to truly care about the couple’s happiness. It’s as if they know how hard things are, and want to do whatever they can to make it easier.

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Then, there are the couples. They are all unique and, of course, have an interesting story, but they’re also optimistic. They’re excited to pick a house or a wedding, not angry they can’t afford both. Their attitudes are infectious. But perhaps the most infectiously happy couple is Brittany and Scott. Brittany and Scott met on the dance floor. While they were certainly getting along, when the music stopped, Brittany walked off. Scott was left to scramble through a texting maze of mutual friends just to get Brittany’s number. The hard work paid off, and now the couple is blissfully engaged.

Marriage Or Mortgage Scott Brittany

However, like the other couples on the show, Brittany and Scott have to pick between a wedding and a house. The couple wanted a house in Nashville close to Brittany’s parents because Scott, a US Army vet, was soon to be deployed for a year and a half. It was incredibly important for the couple that Brittany be near family and have a support system while Scott was on tour. But having a wedding was similarly important because they needed to be married in order for Brittany, who was a student at the time, to receive benefits like health insurance.

Though Sarah showed the couple a fantasy-level wedding, it was ultimately Nichole who won the cuties over by showing them an empty plot of land on which the two could build their dream home. With blueprints that included a grand staircase and the promise of a marble floor entryway, Nichole sealed the deal. The house construction was completed in six months and the couple was able to move in before Scott was deployed.

These days, the couple is still happily living in their dream home, just ten minutes away from Brittany’s parents. They seem to have tied the knot on February 2, 2020, in what was probably a rather small ceremony. Brittany has since graduated from school with an MBA in healthcare administration. She was also signed by AMAX Agency and BMG Models as a model. Scott still has a little time before his deployment so, for now, the Marriage or Mortgage couple is enjoying their mortgage!

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Marriage or Mortgage is now streaming on Netflix.

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